Wa’ar al-Beik

Basic info

Community Association


Number of Families
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  • Jahalin
  • Amarin
Names of Families
Mazawdeh, Tabaneh, Al-Fuqara, Al-Qurshan, Al-Dhayafin, A'raa'ra
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Land Ownership
  • private
  • lease
Land Ownership - details
Some inhabitants bought parts of the land in the 80s from residents of Anata. Those who didn't live under acute threat of demolitions.
No plan
Structure Type
  • tin shack
  • Recycled materials
Building materials - details
The community used to live almost exclusively in tents, but since families have sold so many sheep to cover their living costs, households started to build with metal, wood, plastic, and stone due to the lack of sheep hair for building traditional tents.


Health Care
clinic in distant town/village
Health Care - details
The residents used to go to Maqasid Hospital in Jerusalem, but that is now inaccessible. Today the nearest clinics and hospitals are in Ramallah.
Location of Services


The Bedouins that live in Wa’ar al-Beik originally lived in Jabal al-Muntar which lies approximately 2 kilometers to the East of their current location. They were forcibly removed to a mountain closer to Anata by the IDF and then finally pushed to the edge of the built-up area of Anata when the separation barrier was constructed.


Seasonal Movement
Community Initiatives
Other Occupation
Main Occupation
General Livelihood - details
Income is generated from selling milk to local communities or to Ramallah. They used to sell their products in Jerusalem, but those markets are no longer accessible to them since the building of the separation barrier. Families now sell their products to middlemen in Anata who usually sell the goods in Jerusalem. The families therefore do not see the profit from increased prices of goods in the Jerusalem market.
Several individuals burn plastics and metals for recycling purposes at night (it is forbidden by the PA and Israeli Police). This is a limited source of income.

Threats and obstacles

Threats and Obstacles
separation barrier
Threats and Obstacles - details
The Civil Administration comes frequently to photograph the area and monitor construction.
The community suffers from severe restrictions of movement due to the separation barrier and surrounding checkpoints.
Number of Demolition Orders
Number of Demolitions
Demolitions - details
According to residents, in 2004 a mass demolition too place. 21 houses were destroyed in one day. Following the demolitions, each family built new structures with recycled materials on the same plots of land. The PA declared in would give 1000 USD to each family following the demolition, though the disbursement has not been executed to-date.
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Jerusalem periphery, adjacent to Anata