Umm Lasafa

Basic info

Community Association


Number of Families
Names of Families
Awad (Aliyan Abu Hmeid, Dawood and Shatat)
Farmers Origin/Family
not refugee


Land Ownership
No plan
Structure Type


Access to Community
pedestrian;private vehicle;public transit
Access to Community - details
Residents must walk to the main road where they can get a ride/public transportation to Khallet al Maiyya or Yatta.
Water Access
water tank;cistern\well
Water Access - details
There is a network in Area B. They plan to work on a water infrastructure in Area C, and there may be funding available. They have rainwater collection wells but they must buy water starting from June when the wells run dry. The cost of the water tank is NIS 300.
Electric Connection - details
There is electricity infrastructure in the village
Health Care
permanent clinic in community;mobile clinic in community;clinic in distant town/village
Health Care - details
There is a mother and child clinic open only for vaccinations. There is a central clinic for pregnant women and chronic diseases.
The mobile clinic comes once every one or two weeks.
The government hospitals are located in Yatta. There is also a closer hospital in Hebron but one needs a referral from a doctor in Yatta Hospital.
Location of Services
Khallet al Maiyya and Yatta


Location of School #1
Umm Lasafa
general description [school #1]
Boys;Girls;Primary school;Middle school;High School
Distances to schools [school #1]
0-300 meter
Location of School #2
Time to schools [school #1]
5 - 15 minutes
general description [school #2]
Boys;Girls;High School
Time to schools [school #2]
31 minutes - 1 hour
Distances to schools [school #2]
2001 - 5000 meters
Schools - details
There is a mixed school in the village up to the 10th grade. The school for girls has 6 rooms and another 6 rooms are being prepared for next school year (2023-2024).
Travel to school [school #1]
easy walk
Travel to school [school #2]
private car
Accessibility to school [school #1]
Accessibility to school [school #2]


The origin of the community is from the town of Yatta. When they had no land left to build in Yatta, their lands in Umm Lasafa allowed them to build and maintain a livelihood in herding. They arrived in the area about 50 years ago and lived in caves in the 1940s. Because of the natural growth and condition of the caves, they started to build houses and settle permanently in the area. They mainly went to the area in the winter season while in the summer they would move back to Yatta. At that time they would leave their herds in the village with the shepherds. The first house in the village was built around 1971, the intensification of the building in the area happened towards the Oslo agreement and the arrival of the Palestinian Authority in 1995.


Seasonal Movement
Community Initiatives
public building
Initiative in the community - details
Building a new girls school
Other Occupation
shepherding;herd without shepherding;temporary employment in Israel;daily laborer
Main Occupation
shepherding;herd without shepherding
Woman's Occupation
taking care of the herd;taking care of the kids;housekeeping;herd products
General Livelihood - details
The herders rely on grazing and agriculture, but because it is not a reliable source, the men combine other jobs and many of them work as laborers in Israel. The women also produce dairy products. The number of women who produce dairy products has decreased due to the reduction in the number of herds.

Threats and obstacles

Threats and Obstacles
close to settlement;settler violence
Threats and Obstacles - details
The main threats are from demolitions and demolition orders. Additionally, settler violence has increased since the establishment of the outpost Maan Farm, south of the village. The herd-raising settler drives away the shepherds from their grazing lands and threatens the shepherds and the villagers. The army supports the actions of the settler.
Number of Demolition Orders
Number of Demolitions
Demolitions - details
The demolition orders issued by Civil Administration are handled by St. Yves.
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Umm Lasafa

South Hebron Hills, adjacent to Road 356