Khan al Ahmar Abu Falah

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Community Association


Number of Families
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Abu Dahouk
Names of Families
Abu Fallah
  • official refugee status
  • non-official refugee status
Refugees Details
Since 1948 displacement


Land Ownership
  • private
  • lease
  • expropriation
Land Ownership - details
Most lands are privately owned by Anata on the northern part of the locality, and Isawiya on the southern part of it.
An expropriation order from 1975 covers this area.
community initiative plan
Planning - details
A guideline plan was prepared for all the communities of Khan Al Ahmar and submitted to the ICA, who rejected it.
Structure Type
  • tent
  • tin shack
  • EU shack
  • wood


Access to Community
  • 4X4 vehicle
  • public transit
Access to Community - details
Entrance to the community is via a dirt road north of Road No. 1, that passes through a tunnel beneath it. In the winter rain floods the canal nearby and blocks the tunnel, thus preventing them from getting in or out the locality.
Public transportation passes from the main road, but it is forbidden to stop there.
Water Access
authorized connection
Water Access - details
Authorized connection with meter to Israeli Mekorot company since 2002. The pipes are in need maintenance as they are unprotected and exposed to open air, which caused and some of them to explode.
Electric Connection
Electric Connection - details
The community recieved solar panels from Comet-ME, which cost 100 NIS a month and provide a limited amount of electricity.
Health Care
  • mobile clinic in community
  • clinic in distant town/village
Health Care - details
The Al-Islah mobile infirmary visit once a month with minimal services. The nearest clinics and hospitals are in Jericho.
Location of Services
Jericho, Anata, Al-Eizariya


Location of School #1
Abu al Helw
general description [school #1]
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Primary school
Distances to schools [school #1]
1001 - 2000 meters
Location of School #2
Time to schools [school #1]
16 - 30 minutes
general description [school #2]
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Middle school
Time to schools [school #2]
31 minutes - 1 hour
Distances to schools [school #2]
more than 5001 meters
Location of School #3
general description [school #3]
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • High School
Distances to schools [school #3]
more than 5001 meters
Time to schools [school #3]
31 minutes - 1 hour
Schools - details
The access to the primary school depends on weather conditions, in rainy weather is becomes too dangerous due to the flood in the channel.
Access to the high school can be disturbed since public transportation is not allowed to stop on the road nearby.
Today there are no children going to high school from this locality.
Travel to school [school #1]
  • easy walk
  • donkey
Travel to school [school #2]
Travel to school [school #3]
Accessibility to school [school #1]
Accessibility to school [school #2]
Accessibility to school [school #3]


The community has been expelled from the Negev in 1948. They settled on lands in the areas nearby which were already used as their seasonal grazing areas (Izbeh) during the winter. They settled permanently in their current location in the 80's.


Seasonal Movement
Seasonal Movement - details
A few families move to the area southern to Nabi Musa in the summer for water (there is a well in that area), and in the winter for grazing
Community Initiatives
no Initiatives
Other Occupation
  • shepherding
  • temporary employment in settlement
  • unemployed
Main Occupation
  • shepherding
  • unemployed
Woman's Occupation
  • taking care of the herd
  • taking care of the kids
  • housekeeping
General Livelihood - details
The community owns about 300 sheep and goats, and about 40 camels that they keep away from their location.
Few people are employed in the nearby industrial zone of Mishor Adumim

Threats and obstacles

Threats and Obstacles
  • within settlement municipal boundary
  • within settlement plan
  • road
  • Wastewater treatment facility
Threats and Obstacles - details
The community is within the Ma'ale Adumim Jurisdiction boundary. The channel that passes near the residences and the road contains rainwater and water from the waste treatment facility located north of the road, causing putrid smells and environmental pollution harmful to the residents, particularly in the summer months. There is also flooding in the channel in the winter which prevents access to and from the community. In addition, there is no direct access to the main road that passes nearby, and public transportation vehicles are prohibited from stopping in the area- those who do are liable to high fines.
Number of Demolition Orders
Number of Demolitions
Demolitions - details
According to the community one structure was demolished on April 2016
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Khan al Ahmar Abu Falah
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Jerusalem periphery, south of Road 1 leading from Jerusalem to Jericho