Basic info

Community Association


Number of Families
Names of Families
Jabarin, 'Anani
Farmers Origin/Family
Adahriya - Hebron
not refugee


Land Ownership
state owned land
No plan
Structure Type
tent;tin shack;wood


Access to Community
pedestrian;private vehicle
Access to Community - details
Through the village of Deir Ballout to the west.
Water Access
connection to neighboring village
Water Access - details
They have pipes from the Deir Ballut village and a water meter to track their consumption and how much to pay to the municipality of Deir Ballut. They pay for the water 1000 NIS per month (for herds and people's consumption).
Electric Connection
Electric Connection - details
They have a generator for 6 years. They applied for electricity permit, but have not yet to received it. Today they have a private solar system, which has limited capacity. For example they do not have a refrigerator or a washing machine and cooking is with over a fire. The electricity from the solar energy works less in the winter and it is only used to turn on lights.
Health Care
clinic in neighboring community
Health Care - details
The clinic in Deir Ballut and the governmental hospital in Salfit
Location of Services
Salfit and Deir Ballut


Location of School #1
Deir Ballut
general description [school #1]
Boys;Primary school;Middle school;High School
Distances to schools [school #1]
2001 - 5000 meters
Location of School #2
Deir Ballut
Time to schools [school #1]
5 - 15 minutes
general description [school #2]
Girls;Primary school;Middle school;High School
Time to schools [school #2]
5 - 15 minutes
Distances to schools [school #2]
1001 - 2000 meters
Travel to school [school #1]
easy walk
Travel to school [school #2]
easy walk
Accessibility to school [school #1]
Accessibility to school [school #2]


The families came from the Adahriya area about 12 years ago, because their location was no longer suitable for the herds. Their current location near Deir Ballut is a better place to raise their herds and graze.
Usually in the summer season they move to their mother village to Adahriya and they leave everything behind. Two sons stay behind with the herds.
There are four families, (4 married brothers) with 20 children.


Seasonal Movement
Seasonal Movement - details
They move to Adahiriya in summer season leaving their herds in the area with 2 shepherds.
Community Initiatives
no Initiatives
Other Occupation
shepherding;herd without shepherding
Main Occupation
shepherding;herd without shepherding
Woman's Occupation
taking care of the herd;taking care of the kids;housekeeping;herd products
General Livelihood - details
They have about 1000 sheep and goats.
The women make cheese and sell to the village, and the men sell the newborns of the herds for meat.
They sell dairy products to private clients in Deir Ballut.

Threats and obstacles

Threats and Obstacles
separation barrier;close to Nature Reserve Nachal Shilo
Threats and Obstacles - details
Number of Demolition Orders
Number of Demolitions
Demolitions - details
In February 2023 the ICA came to demolish 4 units for residential and herd use.
Swap Start/End


South of Route 5, along the western border of West Bank