Furush Beit Dajan

Basic info

Community Association
  • bedouin
  • farmer


Number of Families
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Fureijat, Abu Dahouk
Names of Families
Bedouin families Ghawanmeh and imleihat plus Dar Bnayyat and Balawneh and Abu Saa'dah. Abu Jeish, Abu Karsh, Abu Awwad, , Haj Mhamaad, Abu Thabet and others
Farmers Origin/Family
Beit Dajan
  • not refugee
  • official refugee status


Land Ownership
  • private
  • state owned land
Land Ownership - details
The lands are owned by the fallahin from the community. Some were declared state lands.
submitted plan
Planning - details
In 2011 a plan was submitted through MOLG to the ICA, but it has never been discussed. The ICA defined a new blue line to the village which doesn't suit the needs of the community.
Structure Type
  • tin shack
  • EU shack
  • concrete
  • wood


Access to Community
  • private vehicle
  • public transit
Water Access
  • authorized connection
  • cistern\well
Water Access - details
70% of the village is connected to the Israeli water network- Mekorot. Oxfam and JICA funded a project that provides water for drinking through creating two water filling points. In addition, the Al Fara'a irrigation project also provides some water to the community. The residents complain about water violations by settlers who pump water from their wells and dry them.
Electric Connection
Electric Connection - details
Two generators provide electricity for the community. Thet cannot always cover the expenses of the fuel for these generators. The UNDP has funded a network but the process was stopped by the ICA..
Health Care
  • permanent clinic in community
  • clinic in distant town/village
Health Care - details
The nearest hospital is in Jericho
Location of Services


Kindergarten - details
In an improper building
Location of School #1
Furush Beit Dajan
general description [school #1]
  • Boys
  • Girls
  • Primary school
  • High School
Distances to schools [school #1]
0-300 meter
Location of School #2
Time to schools [school #1]
5 - 15 minutes
general description [school #2]
High School
Time to schools [school #2]
16 - 30 minutes
Distances to schools [school #2]
more than 5001 meters
Schools - details
The school in Furush Beit Dajan is a mixed school, and runs to 11th grade.
Travel to school [school #1]
  • easy walk
  • difficult walk
Travel to school [school #2]
  • difficult walk
  • private car
Accessibility to school [school #1]
Accessibility to school [school #2]
Accessibility to school [school #3]


The farmers in the community are originally from Beit Dajan and they own the lands.
The Imleihat family were expelled from their lands in Arad in 1948 to Hebron, and from there arrived to this area. The Ghawanmeh family were expelled in 1948 from Bir Esabea' (Be'er Sheva).
In 1967, after the occupation of the West Bank, some of the people of the village forcibly moved to Jordan. In 1990 between 60-70 families left Furush because of demolitions.


Seasonal Movement
Seasonal Movement - details
Some of the Bedouin families move seasonally.
Community Initiatives
  • woman employment
  • agriculture
Initiative in the community - details
The FDA - the French Association for Development- funded the school project after a long struggle and campaign of the community.
The community also has workshops for farmers teaching about water and electricity consumption, road paving, and building.
Other Occupation
  • shepherding
  • agriculture
Main Occupation
  • shepherding
  • temporary employment in settlement
  • employed by PA
  • agriculture
Woman's Occupation
  • taking care of the herd
  • taking care of the kids
  • housekeeping
  • agriculture
General Livelihood - details
Two women from the community teach in the local school.

Threats and obstacles

Threats and Obstacles
  • firing zone/closed military zone
  • close to settlement
  • road
Threats and Obstacles - details
Maa'le Efrayem Settlement and El Hamra checkpoint severely restrict the movement of the community. A firing zone in the northern side of the community created further restrictions and causes many accidents in which sheep and cattle are injured or killed.
Number of Demolition Orders
Number of Demolitions
Demolitions - date of update
September 17, 2010
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